To gauge the the true lightweighting potential of a material we must look at specific strength (strength per unit volume) Additionally  and specific strength per dollar as the metric to compare material. Comparisons of specific strength are far more accurate, particularly when comparing ultra-high strength materials, and by this metric DM steels stand above the competition.


Detroit Materials steel offers the performance advantages of exotic-alloy steels (1300MPa UTS, 16% Elongation with the ability to cast thin wall section (3mm wall) and complex geometries at comparable cost per performance than ADI and GJS ductile irons. 

Materials On Demand®

Detroit Materials can develop custom grades for your specific application. Our MATERIALS ON DEMAND®  approach combines the fundamentals of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering  with our property databases, and complex simulation models. 

Computational Thermodynamics




  • Phase Diagram Simulation
  • Nucleation Simulation
  • Microscopy
  • Diffraction
  • Spectroscopy
  • Material Characterization

This methodology has proven successful in the development of of ultra-high performance wrought bainitic steels. We can re-engineer our steels to combine specific properties, such as hardness and toughness, or strength and toughness, to optimize your application.

Data Sheets

DM Ferrous materials are nano-structured wrought and castable steels available for demanding applications. DM steel offers the performance advantages of an exotic-alloy steel with the ability to cast thin wall section and complex geometries.  Castable from 3mm to 25mm wall thickness. 


                          YS        UTS        El       Modulus     HRC 

                       (MPa)    (MPa)       (%)          (MPa)           

DM 800-15        469        809         15        228,190      12

DM 1300-16     1049       1302         16        229,246      35

DM 1400-11      1124       1440         11         251,628      39

DM 1700-18      1270      1738          8         204,934      42


Data Sheets